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Women On

​The Rise

To ensure that we reach our goal workshops will be offered to all members.

1.  Hands on Training

2.  One on One Training

3.  Clinics

4.  Camps 


Our goal is to provide leadership and guidance with issues essential and unique to maintaining female officials on the cutting edge of sound officiating principles and practices.  Side by side mentoring with regards to uniform appearance, respect to all game participants, promoting a positive demeanor and how to remain in control during controversy some of our specific targets.

Women On The Rise Officials Associating is always looking for females 17 years of age and older to officiate basketball contests.  The application is available through the download button.



All educational resource materials and visual aides will be solely based on the rules from the Basketball Case and Rules books.  We are committed to the accurate interpretation and implementation of these rule as they serve as the foundation of our association.




Women On The Rise opened in 2014 by Debra Jones Sanford as an all female Officials Association.  We are a not-for-profit corporation whose endeavor is to recruit, educate, train and mentor qualified females to become independent contractors as sports officials licensed with the Illinois High School Association to facilitate athletic contests within the rules of the National Federation of State High Schools.

Debra Sanford



Remember you join an officiating organization to learn and grow not to get games.